base [1] NOUN 1) the lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests. 2) a foundation, support, or starting point: the town's economic base collapsed. 3) the main place where a person works or stays. 4) a centre of operations: a military base. 5) a main element or ingredient to which others are added. 6) Chemistry a substance capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and water. 7) the root or stem of a word. 8) Mathematics a number used as the basis of a numeration scale. 9) Baseball each of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.
VERB 1) use something as the foundation for. 2) situate at a centre of operations.
get to first base — Cf. ↑get to first base
touch base — Cf. ↑touch base
DERIVATIVES based adjective.
ORIGIN Greek basis 'base, pedestal' .
base [2] ADJECTIVE 1) without moral principles; ignoble. 2) archaic of low social class. 3) (of coins) not made of precious metal.
DERIVATIVES baseness noun.
ORIGIN Latin bassus 'short' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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